Reveal my FIRST baby BOY.


May 14, 2012
This is my first BOY (not counting the denim one that I got from my brother in law). I was thinking for a long long time to get BOY.

First I was gonna buy the BOY metallic with tweed. I really want to hav one BOY tweed, but this one the tweed wasn't the best tweed in my mind yet. So opt out. :nogood:

:search: Next one, was the BOY enchained with tweed (it said like that in the website). This one actually looks very nice in the picture. But when I see the real one, the tweed was not really tweed. It's just some kind of denim that didn't attract me that much. So again ... opt out!:roflmfao:

:lecture: Last one! This one was the one MOST of my friends and family (mother and brother in law) cheers me to get it. They said this one is very trendy. It's worth for me to collect it. At first, it didn't really attract me. The first one I saw in the Chanel Boutique at Newbury was Dark grey color. It does look beautiful, but not going along with my personality and most of my dresses and coats. .....:broom: Then I went to see the other one at Chanel in Bloomingales (Chestnut hill mall). SA Jane sent me the picture before but it doesn't look that attractive, may be because the light while taking photos.:chatty: But Jane was very very nice to show me all the pictures and nice collections she has. So .. I went to see the real piece after dinner. This one once I saw it the chain and the leather was very GORGEOUS. It looked precious than another Jumbo in blue jean caviar that I thought I will get it at the beginning. So .. I took it!! Yayyy!!:worthy:

Time for pictures. :yahoo:


Jul 16, 2012
Absolutely beautiful! Love this color and hardware combo. It's a great neutral color that will go with everything. Congrats!


May 5, 2014
This is an awesome piece! Love the chevron design and it's such a great neutral colour. Great choice!