Reveal... My choice ;)

  1. Thank you, bluekit! Welcome to the Dior thread! ;) Know you're an active member over at Chanel thread. :graucho:

    Thank you, ruktam!
  2. Woohoo! Tlhank you! You're a good teacher, kelly, I did it! :biggrin:
  3. Always glad to help. ;)
  4. :hugs::heart:
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  6. A beautiful Lady in such an understated and classy pink! It also reminds me of nude lipstick - yummy :biggrin: Big congrats!
    And all the best on your resolve to trim your collection- hope you'll succeed, cos I know that it takes a lot of self-discipline! ;)
  7. Thank you for your encouragement, Serrazane! :smile:
  8. I'm a closet Dior admirer. ;)
  9. I have the patent one in this color and I love it!
  10. So pretty!! Love it!!
  11. Congrats! I've not seen the patent one irl as it's not avail in my local store. Any pics?

    Thank you, diana27arvi!
  12. I wouldn't let it go, especially considering the new $400 price increase. The Bois de Rose is warm, almost like a nude colour, but the pearlized rose is pretty and angelic.

    In fact, the pearlized rose was the one that stood out the most in your collection picture that you posted in the Dior Reference Library.
  13. :yes: It is such a beautiful bag and so beautifully captured. I had just purchased this bag yesterday before the $400 price increase and tried to take pictures of it but it was either too peachy or too grey. The color is magnificent IRL, girly and classy. I'm in love with it~ Congrats!
  14. Congrats! I love the color!!
  15. Thanks for the advise, averagejoe! :biggrin:

    The stange thing is that it's not my favourite but one of the most piece due to it's versatility. Yes, and the £300 increment makes it even harder to part with any one in my collection. I think I'll regret heaps if I let it go. :true: