Reveal my CELINE push presents for my new year baby!

  1. On new years day 2014, my gorgeous little baby girl arrived (on her due date too!) But before the birth, I had my eyes set on the push present i wanted from my husband... I'd been eyeing the Trio bag for a looooooooooong time but I couldn't ever decide on what colour I wanted. Black would be perfect but I already have so many black bags. Come Spring 2014 collection, the saffron really caught my attention!!! Timing worked out perfectly, my cousin was travelling to Paris over new year so I asked her to hunt down the saffron trio for me and she found it! So please meet my brand new Parisian, Miss large saffron trio!!!
    This is the perfect push present from my husband, the addition of my little girl makes us now a family trio ;)
    1390289939997.jpg 1390289960901.jpg
  2. I also thought I would reward myself for getting through the pregnancy so I got myself a push present as well! This was more of an impulse purchase but no regrets! I fell in love with the skate shoes from seeing them on tpf here and then having tried them on at David Jones (department store in Australia that carries Celine), I had to have them. Please meet, my new plaid skates from 2013 Winter collection!
  3. Lastly, some mod pics :smile:
    I got the skates pre-birth so hence the pregnant belly and swollen feet ;) I'm a usual size 37/38 but I got size 39 because I read on tpf here that I should go at least a half size up.
    The saffron trio mod pics are post-birth. For reference, I'm 162cm (5'3") and AU/UK size 8.
    1390290969410.jpg 1390290982010.jpg
  4. All thanks to this little baby... And thanks for letting me share here :smile:
  5. Aww! Congrats on the little bundle of joy... Welcome to the Céline Skate Club! :p I know you been wanting one for quite some time...
  6. Congrats lady:graucho::graucho:
  7. Congratulations on your baby :smile: that tiny foot is adorable! And congrats on your Celine goodies :biggrin:
  8. awww how precious!! congrats on all your bundles of joy :smile:
  9. Lovely colour!
  10. Awwwww!!! Congrats on your newest addition. Your baby's foot is adorable. Reminds me of when we had babies in the house. Ah, enjoy everything about this period - they grow so fast :smile:

    Oh and enjoy your trio and skates they look lovely on you but can't compete with cute feet, of course.
  11. Congrats on you new baby and Céline additions. Saffron is such a beautiful color!
  12. Congratulations on your baby! Great Celine purchases!
  13. congrats on your new trio of gifts: celine trio, skates and precious baby!:smile:
  14. Sweet story! Congrats on your new Celine and new baby! :smile:
  15. Congrats on your baby and the other babies (Celine)! Enjoy in good health.