REVEAL: My Bye-bye-to-Bal Purchases: Bordeaux mGH Velo and Papyrus RH Velo.


Mar 23, 2008
This thread is showcasing SkyBlueDay's new Bal Babies!!!
Congrats darling girl they're both stunning!!! :hugs:

From the real OP SkyBlueDay :

"[FONT=&quot]Well, here are my two swan songs to Bal-purchasing: the Bordeaux mGH Velo and the Papyrus RH Velo. [/FONT] [FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]There couldn't be two more different bags for me to have sold my kidney for purchased this season.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]First up, the Bordeaux mGH. Hooray for whoever it was who coined this acronym: very clever! The leather's already starting to soften up immensely. And, even better, this leather will never, ever die. Its durability is pretty much, in my mind, guaranteed, which will please those of us who feel a bit cheated about the leather's longevity at this price point. Carry it in sunshine, rain or snow, let it be thrown about in your car boot as you swerve around the corner to avoid the little old lady crossing the road race to your local post office to collect your latest Bal parcel; toss it to your brother/SO/son/shopping sherpa to lug about for you as you shop for more Bal get your groceries... you need never worry about marks on this baby. I think it'd survive me massaging a huge, melty, cheese and tomato omelette (my breakfast of choice) into it, without so much as stain to show.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]I wasn't sure about the leather when I first heard about it, but I liked it very much once I saw it in real life, and I adore it the more I carry it."

"[/FONT][FONT=&quot] A close-up (with my iMac, sorry). This is pretty much the colour under normal light- a deep berry, more so than Grenat. It's showing all the traditional stretch marks of the old chevre and agneau, but none of the scratch marks. I love scratches and distressed leather, but this leather is lovely for a change. "[/FONT]

" Stretchy, stretchy! "

" [FONT=&quot]And here is the shape of the Velo after three days of carrying, with just the MU, a wallet, small mobile, bound diary and camera inside. The handles have softened up a lot as well. My Velo handles have only single whip stitch - not sure if anyone else's mGH Bordeaux Velo has the same: I expected double-whip-stitching, but oh well, the single whip stitch softens up faster, which is more comfortable for me. "[/FONT]
You look soooooo cute in these pics!!! :smooch:

[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
" Here's the Papyrus, with super-distressed, glossy (sorry the pictures don't really depict it so well, but you can see the crazed lines all over the place), puffy, pillowy, silky squishiness that the old chevre used to have. I've not yet carried yet, so the handles are as stiff as ummm.... as can be... as a tree! ;) "







May 13, 2007
Love the bordeaux velo! Congrats! I have been a fan of the holiday collection ever since I saw the first pictures of it. Your Papyrus is a winner as well!!! Great purchases!


Oct 4, 2009
Love both of your new Bals. So gorgy!! Congrats!
I just bought my first Velo and I am loving this style!! ;)


Mar 1, 2006
In the sunshine!
Okay, I really like this Velo w/the mGH! It is really a great visual to see the leather breaking in and looking like a "real" Bal, not to mention the color is TDF!! I'm lucky I don't need anymore regular size handbags or else I might be tempted to buy a holiday collection bag.


Nov 7, 2007
WOW!!! The bordy leather really looks thicker and smooshier over the regular distressed! Dare i say, more lux?! Luvet!