Reveal: My bags from the very last BEC

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    Hello ladies...for probably the past year I have been kicking around the idea of another BEC. Jackie's announcement of this possibly being the last BEC forced me to make a decision on this finally! It is very difficult ordering a bag site unseen and I was mostly concerned about the size and weight of the bags rather than if I would like the leathers. But I took a giant leap of faith especially on my first one. The style I have seen before but the leather in this color is pretty rare on this forum. And I have never seen a bag in this style and leather. So here she is....

    Charm Me Midi (newer edition) in Pink Croc. I had the straps shortened to a 6 inch drop as I don't shoulder carry and wanted a true arm satchel. I also had the bottom reinforced as I like my bags more structured there. Both of these options, IMO, make the bags lighter when you arm carry. I am a pink lover and have always wanted a pink croc. Most I have seen from other brands are more fuchsia or a peony pink. This shade is so beautiful! And the gold shimmer on the leather adds a nice pop. I think this bag is so classy and rich looking.

  2. More pics in different light and it still does not capture the beauty of this bag. I chose light gold hardware since I could not decide between gold and silver, figured this was a good meet in the middle and it looks beautiful!


    A little to the side trying to capture the gold shimmer that is on this leather


    The back

  3. Side


    Other side


    Was toying with the light pink lining but then decided to go with fuchsia

  4. Outdoor photo


    Closeup, I think the light gold hardware looks so nice

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    I love, love love my new Charm Me. I almost got a Be Mine Mini due to weight concerns but I am glad I went with this instead. The leather on it is so lovely it really needed a style like the Charm Me to show it off. I could also see this looking stunning in any of the Love Me hoping they bring beck BEC in case I have inspired anyone :smile: And all my worries were for nothing as I don't find this bag heavy at all.

    I have another bag to reveal, this is more commonly revealed but usually in the larger sizes, although I did see one other mini with silver hardware. I fell in love with the chocolate crash leather after BECing a Love Me Mini. I thought the LMM was a bit heavy and sold it to someone here via Bonanzle. This is a little lighter. The pics on this did not come out that great. This leather is impossible to capture properly unless you have a really good camera! And it is definitely not boring brown. Here is the Make Me Smile Mini

    The lighting in this was off but I did not have time to take more photos, bag is much lighter in color. I kept all the default options on this one pretty much. Also the crash leather was probaby the only one which was not on sale!!! Not sure why but...


    Different lighting, color looks a little better here


    Purple lining (love this). The only thing I find curious is why the cell phone pockets are on the same side as the long interior zip


    Outdoor closeup, gold hardware

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    Hope you enjoyed my reveal. I give my Charm Me Midi 10 out of 10 stars. The MMS Mini would be 7 out of 10. I am finding it so odd to have the cell phone pockets on the same side of the lining as the interior zip. On the Charm Me they are as I would expect, on opposite sides. Also they originally made a MMS Midi but they caught the mistake when the bag was shipped to London and then had the correct size made I am wondering if they rushed though making it. One of the handles feels a bit off and the leather on the underside of the handle is very wrinkly. I like the look of the bag but am wondering if I should mention these concerns to Jackie and staff. It would be such a pain to ship the bag back.

    Has anyone else gotten a bag where all the interior pockets were on the same side. Did I unknowingly choose an interior option that would make them come this way? It is not very functional this way having everything on one side :smile:
  7. That MMS midi is stunning. Do you have a slip (non zip) pocket on the other side inside the bag? I have an MMS midi in glossy red leather and I have a slip pocket on one side and a zip pocket + phone pockets on the other side.
  8. Wonderful choices! That charm me is just so classy looking! And the mms mini is super too. It wouldn't hurt to mention the issues to Jackie in the same way you mentioned them to us. I don't have a mms anymore to check, but I'm thinking mine may have been on the same side as the zip but I had a hidden, slip pocket under a small flap of fabric on the opposite side. But if you don't have the hidden pocket, I don't know why all the pockets would be on the same side:shrugs: Hopefully someone with more BE knowledge will chime in here.

    Thanks for taking the time to post pics and give us your initial thoughts!
  9. I love the croc leather!!This will smooch a lot, so it's great you opted for the sturdy base.The model is also very straightforward and timeless, and will never get outdated ;)

    Re the choco I have the hidden pocket, so my bags have the both type of pockets also on the same this would be natural if you also have this hidden pocket.I would ask for a new handle..perhaps you can get it replaced by your local cobbler? The bag itself is really lovely!!:cool:

    Congrats with your two new lovelies!! Thanks for taking some great pictures!:smile:
  10. Yes you are right! I do have a slip pocket on the other side. I must of ordered it that way without really knowing I was doing so :smile:

    Thanks Jen. Turns out I do have a slip pocket.

    Thanks Bonnie. I am going to ask about the handle because I am worried about how it will hold up over time. It is something that if I was able to try this in the store, I would have chosen another bag like it with the handle not doing this. The bag is beautiful though!

    For the Charm Me that edition said it had a soft pliable base and a longer strap drop to make for easier shoulder carry. They did reinforce the base at no cost so I am glad I asked about it.
  11. I love the Charm Me style - yours looks lovely! I have choc crash too and it is almost impossible to photograph. I had 2 MMS midis and while I love pics of it, I never quite got on with the style. You should definitely mention these issues to Jackie.

    Enjoy your lovely bags!
  12. Just beautiful. I especially like the pink croc CMM.
  13. So..did you solve the handle issue??
  14. Love love love these bags!! The pink croc CMM is just beautiful!

    I also have the MMS mini in choco crash...mine has silver lining and light pink lining...but I love are making me want to pull it out as I do not think my pocket interior is laid out that way at all....

    Hope you enjoy both these beauties!
  15. Love your new bags. Especially the Charm Me Midi. I love that style and the leather you selected is amazing. Enjoy.