animal instincts

  1. :hrmm:Mmmmmmmmmmm it's very lovely but not sure I have a bag to hang it on :confused1: I might have to remedy that :lolots:
  2. :woot:QUICK!! Get hunting...what outlet did you get your bags from and if you don't mind me asking was your Alexa cheaper than naughtipidgin? Love them both, really eyecatching :biggrin:
  3. LOVE this look! I bought the black heart to add to my Ledbury for the same reason but the double hearts are even better;)
  4. JAN - where are you? - have you got something to confess?........:graucho:

  5. The OS Alexa came from Bicester or Shepton Mallet, can’t remember which when their sale first started. They had regulars & oversized in the English plum also in Oak but about £500 more.

    The Harriet is current and on 50% off at mo. I don’t feel the pics do her justice as she is far lovelier “in the flesh”. The colour is described as Candy Pink Marshmallow spotted and there is a very slight pink hue here and there which isn’t picked up in the pics. The Marshmallow is a gorgeous light look for summer.

    I was tempted to go for the Alexa instead in the same but I have others and decided to go with something more unusual. It really is quite chic and lady like and a very different look to an Alexa. I have lusted after her since she first appeared.
  6. Yes, think it makes a lot of difference, don't know why either bag didn't ever have the padlocks.

    Having the double hearts gave me something to hang my first heart on and they complement each other well. I think it's finished her off very nicely:biggrin:
  7. Wow, love your new bags - i've also bought a few things from Naughtipidgen in the past and she is fabulous!
  8. They are both gorgeous, thanks for giving me the info both here and PM. Enjoy using them both :biggrin:
  9. :tup: :lol: JAN is the :queen:of the animal print.
  10. Congratulations, Jacquel1ne, on two gorgeous purchases! Both are lovely but the Harriet really does take your breath away! Beautiful! Love to see some mod shots, if it's not too much trouble? :smile:
  11. Thanks

    Will follow up with some mod pics soon, it's been a hectic weekend

    Have just noticed the OS Alexa Bengal plum tiger is selling on eBay for £2,399.95 :nono: postage though
  12. Wow, they're wishful thinking!