animal instincts

  1. and here she is
    CIMG9283.jpg CIMG9284.jpg CIMG9285.jpg CIMG9290.jpg CIMG9291.jpg
  2. Wow! Two very stand out bags you've got there, congrats :smile:
  3. Fab print! I am an animal print fan too. This bag will liven up any outfit xx
  4. Wow, congrats! Gorgeous and very special bags, animal prints are beautifully done.
  5. She is so lady like, very classy looking and lined throughout in sumptuous suede.:hbeat:

    She seems a lot of money for not a lot of bag but I really do adore her.

    I still could return her ....................but somehow I don’t think I will.:lolots:
  6. Another beautiful bag. I wish I was brave enough to try one....
  7. Wow two stunning bags. So special :love: congrats on your stunning new additions :biggrin:
  8. Grrr, congrats.
  9. Another loverly bag
  10. Thank you ladies for all your lovely comments :blush:
  11. Wasn't there another mulberry bag or two in your original shot? Do you have anything else to declare ? ;)
  12. WOW gorgeous, I've been eyeing up that bag on naughtipidgin and trying to stop myself buying it since I saw it!! :greengrin:
  13. I have a feeling everybody just hot footed over to naughtipidgin :graucho:
  14. Haha! She is a great seller, I'd recommend her xx
  15. She's a lovely person too :smile: