reveal: my 2nd ps1 in nude

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  1. i got my nude ps1 a while ago, but finally wanted to make my official reveal. thought today might be the right day since it was the first time i wore her on an event :smile:
    i got it preowned in a good condition and i am very happy with it! thanks so much to everyone who helped make this come true :smile:
    2.jpg 10.jpg ps1nude.jpg 1.jpg 3.jpg 6.jpg
  2. It looks amazing with the leather and color!! :biggrin: Congrats, great pics too.
  3. Congrats, it looks great! :smile: This is the medium size, right?
  4. Awesome color!!
  5. thank you :smile:

    yes it's medium. i'm small, i think a large one would look like a huge messenger on me ;) very happy that i decided to get the medium :smile:
  6. Wow. Gorgeous. Love the color :smile:
  7. It's a lovely bag and looks great on you. What colour/size is your first PS1?
  8. Congrats....i love PS1's!!
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  10. thank you :smile: so happy I found it, was quite a search but thanks to everyone who helped make this come true!!