***REVEAL!~***My 1st CHANEL!!

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  1. I found this preloved beauty in excellent condition, and she was authenticated by the lovely ladies here on tpf :smile: Who's ready to see my reveal?
  2. I'm ready :woohoo:
  3. Yay! Ok...i'll give you a hint

    By paiged at 2011-10-05
  4. Is it the jumbo flap??
  5. Nope...but that is on my wishlist :smile: Think bigger
  6. Ok this is a dead giveaway...
    By paiged at 2011-10-05
  8. It's the Medallion Tote in Black Caviar with GHW! She's such a beauty.

    By paiged at 2011-10-05
    By paiged at 2011-10-05
  9. Thanks for watching my reveal!! :smile:
  10. ooooh wow :girlwhack: I LOVE IT
  11. Congratulations on your newbie I hope you enjoy it. How about you enjoy it for me too, bc I'm still on the ban can't get one yet :crybaby: but this is really pretty happy for you
  12. Why thank you!! I am lusting over the Jumbo Caviar flap but i thought i should get something a little more roomy first since i'm a busy student :smile:
    Awwww...i will enjoy it for both of us lol...and all the other Chanel lovers. Hopefully your ban ends soon :smile:
  13. exciting ~ new gorg Chanel! enjoy!
  14. congrats on your medallion tote! It is a classic and I know you will enjoy