Reveal... My 09 fall navy blue reissue

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  1. bri 333, bebee, yikkie: thank you ladies!:biggrin:

    ocean08: congrats! hope to see your bag soon!:biggrin:
  2. here's a pix of my 3 reissues in 226, metallic black, navy blue and gold...:yahoo:

  3. ^ What a gorgeous trio! I love how all 3 colors look together!
  4. Beautiful flaps!! Congrats!
  5. ^gorgy triplets! Beautiful!
  6. Congrats!
  7. thanks all for your compliments!:biggrin:
  8.! :nuts:
  9. OMG navy reissue!!!!!!!!!!!! I :heart:!!!!!!!!
  10. hee hee! :P:yahoo::biggrin:
  11. what a pretty color! congrats!!
  12. the blue makes your skin look so soft and pretty~ hahah i know, its kind of random but you need to know the truth!
  13. suzanne vuitton: thank you!

    lilobubbletea: hee hee! thank you! :biggrin:
  14. Lucky girl!! It's really nice!!!
    And it never goes out of fashion.

    Confirmed S'pore won't carry 2.55 in this color :sad:
    Does anyone know if Hong Kong carries this lovely navy blue reissue?
  15. congrats!! i love that color and texture