(Reveal!) - Mr. Baltic Junior

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  1. Baltic Blue Sling Pouch!
    Recieved this little sling pouch as a pressie.
    Am loving this functional pouch. it fits my camera nicely, and some small items. and its long enough to sling across me.
    Perfect for days when I wanna leave my bags home.
    Not to mention Baltic as one of fav BV color!
    I have a long phone strap in baltic too :smile:


    IMG_4266.jpg IMG_4267.jpg
  2. totally cute! congrats!
  3. Love it:smile: Congrats!
  4. how cute is that! congrats!
  5. Beautiful! I love its shape! Can we get a modeling shots?
  6. Wow, how cute!
  7. Squeeeee! Adorable.
  8. Baltic is such a pretty color! congrats
  9. Congrats! It's so cute! Love the color!
  10. So cute!!! Congrats. :smile:
  11. Lovely. Hope to see modeling pictures [including it slings across your body].
    And, please post it in the reference lib 'accessory' thread.
  12. I love that! I was not aware that BV made a little pouch like that.
  13. Love the colour!
  14. Very cute! :yes:
  15. Thanks people!!
    I'll post modelling pics ASAP :smile: