Reveal Mortale Pouch Gunmetal

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  1. This is my first time posting in the SF and my first Treesje purchase. I bought myself the Treesje Mortale Pouch in Gunmetal for my birthday. I love it. It is bigger than I expected, which is awesome because it is the perfect size for going out, not big enough to get in the way and not small enough to get lost. It also holds all the necessities for going out, including my giant Blackberry. It is totally cute and seems pretty durable. I took it out for the first time last night and I think I had the cutest purse at the roller derby.

    Inside shot with my stuff in it, there's still room for more
    Shot of everything I had in it
    Inside empty
    Some detail shots
    Gunmetal hardware, looks a little more silver in the photos than in real life

    The plain leather on the sides and strap is a soft, semi-matte, deep grey. The skull embossed pieces are quite a bit stiffer and are matte where they are not metallic silver. The coloring on the skull panels is a bit uneven, but I think it goes with the style. It seems like a very good quality piece that will last a long time.

    Sorry to everyone that already saw this in the HH sf.
  2. That looks so cute!! I have been wanting to see one IRL. Once again the stock photos do no justice. Thanks for the pics. Now I need one!
  3. Thank you for posting how much it holds. Love your Mortale Pouch.
  4. congrats!!
  5. Congrats and happy birthday!
  6. very cute! I think this is so much better than RM's benjamin pouch for about the same price.. congrat!
  7. That is so cute!!
  8. I love it MT! Now it's definitely on my wishlist!
  9. I used a 30% off code at Luna Boston, so I only paid about $80 which makes it way cheaper than the Benjamins pouch and it is totally way cuter and more versatile imo.
  10. Congrats, that's so cute! Thanks for posting the pics of what you can fit in it too! The size definitely looks like it can come in super-handy...
  11. I wanted to share more IRL photos of this pouch. It's my first treesje. :smile:

    mortale 1.jpg

    mortale 2.jpg
  12. You all are making me want one!! Congrats MB!
  13. I love this leather so much! It'd look so good as a train case.
  14. Oooh, a train case would be super cute!
  15. OH, you gotta get one, I have one in GM too and it definitely adds that extra little special something when you take it out. Whenever people see mine they grab it out my hands saying let me see that and I enjoy watching them pet her.