Reveal & Mod shots of my "New-To-Me" Stormy Grey MAC!

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  1. Today I recv'd my Stormy Grey MAC w/silver hardware from a very nice seller on Bonanzle. I love it! It's my first MAC and it's larger than I imagined...I had so much fun playing with the strap and here are some pics of some different ways to wear it. I think my favorite way is Pic # 3. Pls excuse ugly sweatshirt outfit and zit on chin :sad:
  2. you are so CUTE!!!!!
    and I love the MAC on you...CONGRATS!!!!
  3. Thanks Zoesma...but I feel horrific today...I debated posting pics with my face in them. I desperately need my highlights done and the zit is really stressing me out (I am 34, shouldn't I NOT be getting zits anymore??!!). But thanks anyway, I appreciate the compliment. :smile:
  4. Hi Holly! I love the MAC on you!
  5. oh please holly...i am 36 and still get the occasional one or look great with that bag....
  6. So gorgeous!! The MAC can really be worn in so many different ways and you modeled yours perfectly! It's so lovely, thanks for sharing the bag with us! Enjoy her!
  7. NO WAY! You are NOT 34!
    You look fabulous!
  8. it looks great!!!! i need to figure out how to play around with the straps like you did in your versatile!

    ps - you look so happy in your pics!!
  9. Thank you everyone!! I swear, this forum is so good for the ego-you guys are the sweetest group of girls around :smile:

    Kelly, let me know if you need help with the took me a few tries with the kite hook but I figured it out.
  10. Love it! It looks great on you!
  11. Congrats! It looks great on you!
  12. 1.) you do NOT look 34!!!

    2.) I want to know your beauty secrets so I can start preserving myself now! lol

    3.) i love stormy grey :heart:, i have it in the mam... you're making me want to change into it now!
  13. It looks great on you!!!
    And I agree with b&b's points 1 & 2.
  14. holly you look absolutely ADORABLE!!! and that MAC is perfect for you!!!
  15. Thanks for modeling pictures! The bag looks great on you! Congrats!