Reveal - MMS mini Petrol Pebbled

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  1. I received this a couple of weeks ago, but was only now able to get some pictures together.
    Really liking the texture of the Petrol Pebbled leather - it's soft, and smooshy, but seems quite durable all at the same time. To squish is to believe. :P
    Compared to my first MMS mini in Chocolate Crash, this almost seems like a different bag somehow. I would be hard pressed to choose a favourite.

    Photos taken on an overcast day. (A very, very cold overcast day.)
    MMS mini - Petrol Pebbled Leather
    Silver Hardware
    Light Blue Lining
    Zipper Pulls

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  2. 2 more pics.

    I think this is a fairly accurate representation of the colour.

    Light Blue Lining

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  3. Oh! Congratulations and thanks for sharing. I love this bag and the colors you chose are gorgeous together!
  4. Wow! It's just beautiful! I love the petrol pebbled leather. Are you finding that the MMS mini size works well for you?
  5. Thanks, crazybagmo! The light blue lining continues to be my favourite.
  6. Thanks, TejasMama! I wasn't sure about the petrol, so needed Rose to send me a swatch, but I'm finding it quite neutral as far as blues go.
    :yes: And YES. the MMS mini size is a great everyday size for me.
  7. Lovely bag! I didn't realize that the petrol pebbled was so blue! Very pretty! And I love your JC charms on it! :love:
  8. I love the light blue lining for most colors of leather including petrol. Also, the petrol pebbled is going to wear very well. My wine pebbled hug me still looks brand new. Enjoy this beauty!! Oh, love your charms too!
  9. This is gorgeous!!! I'm really surprised cos the swatch I saw some time back was really very much darker and duller and did nothing for me. Wow your MMS Mini looks really really fab!

    Any chance of a modelling pic? I'm really curious as to see how a Mini wears.
  10. modeling picture please! I want to see how big a mini is...
  11. Great pics! I was also under the impression that the pebbled petrol was duller. Your bag looks fab!
  12. Stunning!

  13. stunning! I didn't know if a pebbled leather would work on an MMS mini but it looks fantastic. Great choice :tup:
  14. Verrrrrry pretty color! Beautiful!
  15. What a great looking bag!! Modeling shots would be really helpful.