Reveal - Mini Square 17B

  1. Who's ready for a Mini Square reveal? :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

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  2. Here
  3. ......
  4. Sorry to keep you waiting!!







  5. It's so pretty!! Congrats!!!
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  6. Thank you
    I am 5'1 so this size is perfect! The rectangular mini chain is too long for me and I just love the cuteness of the square!!
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  7. Congrats LikeSnow, your new mini is beyond lovely.
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  9. congrats!!! i'm still looking for one - can you take a photo of the tag? thank you so much :smile:

    enjoy your new bag
  10. Congrats. The color is so pretty.
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    Dono what happen here - maybe a moderator could delete this one?
    IMG_1503153294.646101.jpg IMG_1503153862.615309.jpg
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  12. Congrats and enjoy your bag :smile:!
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  13. Thank you!!! :biggrin: this one came from a boutique in Antwerp, Belgium - I think they're kinda rare in this combination, I was very lucky to find it!

  14. Thank you she is so wonderful I love her!!
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  15. I love this color!
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