Reveal ** mini rachelle **

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  1. My newest KS, the mini rachelle in all black w/ gold hardware

    Photos include bag itself, size comparison to a KSW Personal size planner, & contents of bag/what fits inside :smile:

    I would fit more if I removed the cardholder and stuck the cards into the slip pocket inside. Right now it houses my cardholder, pepper spray, & key pouch.

    Plan on using this for the summer where I don't need anything except priority items. It is super tiny so it'll be perfect to tote around during planned day trips where I don't wanna be lugging around extra junk.

    Also, it reminded me of the smaller version of the LV Alma BB so I had to get it. :P

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  2. Great buys! The mini Rachelle is so cute ❤

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  3. It's so cute, and that organizer
  4. Thanks ! I may repaint the rose gold. Not sure yet lol
  5. That mini rachelle is so cute!!!
  6. Thank you!
  7. it's cute but classy! (: does it fit a wallet or passport? It looks tiny!
  8. So cute, congrats on your purchase! I totally agree, it does resemble the Alma. I may pick these up as gifts for friends who I'm visiting this summer, hopefully there's a matching wallet.
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  9. Cute!!
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  10. Yes it fits both depending on how you pack it :smile:
  11. I saw a matching card case and there was a wallet, but I think it was a little too big for the bag :/