Reveal mini cross-body and introduce the best Vietnamese dessert!!!

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  1. Inside the box !!!
  2. Open...
    Here is Valentino mini crossbody rockstuds in multicolors which reminds me the Vietnamese dessert "Suong Sa Hot Luu" (picture of the sweet dessert courtesy of and my bag). How do you think its colors.
  3. Reminds we of a watermelon was well!
  4. Hey @goodbrand

    Gorgeous bag! I loved the colour!

    I am looking to purchase the same bag but prob in black and I am wondering could you fill a lot in the bag? And how the leather makes u feel.. Is it soft that it might say a lot of sturdy?

    Sorry for the 21 question but I don't really have a Valentino nearby to gauge and I do like that bag! ����
  5. Love the bag and color combo! Perfect for spring and summer
  6. oh its gorgeous
  7. beautiful! congrats!
  8. i really like the pic you took! The colors are reflected brilliantly. Nice choice
  9. Gorgeous! Such pretty colours :smile::heart:
  10. Thanks all
  11. Thank you