Reveal: Me and the ultimate question of medium or large Belly Veneta.

  1. You will love your large belly veneta. I have her in Nero. She is my new go to BV especially when traveling. I fly almost every week and she easily accommodates my essentials including my 3-1-1 zip lock bag.
  2. The large belly does look exceptional in ebano. Congrats! I love the size too.
  3. Excellent review and helpful photos - thanks for sharing. They both look lovely on you!
  4. Very pretty on the pink color
  5. thanks for the information..:heart:
    I love both of your BV bags.. beautiful colors!
  6. Both sizes look great on you, glad you got the large on........congrats!!!!!
  7. I love the pink one, really nice.
  8. Back to drool. Your pictures really make me want to have a pink and ebano BV!
  9. What a great thread! I really enjoyed reading it! Congrats! I love both of them! May I ask how tall you are?
  10. Beautiful color especially the fuschia. What made you choose Belly instead of the classic Veneta?
  11. Thank you so much for the comparison. It is very helpful and you look great with both bags!! Congrats!!
  12. Thank you so much for posting these pictures, a few members are asking about this very thing right now - sizing. This thread is very helpful.
  13. Pictures are great for comparison. The fuschia lokks great on you and the size is perfect. However, the large looks massive and over-powers your small frame. It looks more like an overnight bag for travel, not everyday use.
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    The belly is not for everyone. I feel like there should be a size between these two, because the medium is too small (due to the drop) but the large is too massive just my two cents.
  15. Thanks so much for posting this. I have strictly been an LV girl, but lately I feel as though the quality goes down while the prices go up. Also, I'm thinking of getting a non-logo everyday bag. As a beginner to BV. I really appreciate the information and pictures.