Reveal: Matte Mandarin LM Midi!


Jan 4, 2007
Alberta, Canada
I had a dream. When I had taken photos of my Matte Apple Green and Matte Dark Purple LM Midi's, I thought how awesome it would be to have a Matte Orange bag. My three favourite colours ... all in a row. So I asked Jackie if next time she was sourcing leathers she could see if they had any matte orange available. Jackie came through (thanks Jackie! :flowers:) and I could make my bag dream come true.

Just this past week I received my Matte Mandarin LM Midi and I have to say ... it's gorgeous! Now, at first when I took it out of the box in the florescent kitchen lights it looked like a reddish/orange and I thought "it's nice, maybe not the colour I was expecting and it didn't wow me", but when I took it outside in natural light I could see how juicy and stunning it was. It's a very bright orange, not as wearable as say the Balenciaga Mandarin (I'll include a comparison shot below incase anyone is interested), but it's a truly gorgeous pop of colour. The more I've used it, the more I love it. I think I do need to be more careful with this colour since it is very bright (than the Bal Mandarin) to make sure it doesn't clash with anything I wear. I think it will go great though with blacks, browns, grey's and blues.

It looks like this leather is still available on BEC is anyone is interested.

As for the leather ... it's not as velvety as the purple mattes, but still does have some velvety texture to it, but I don't find mine dry.

I was having some issues with my camera so some of the photos aren't as clear as I'd like, but most of them turned out fairly good.

In Natural Light ...

With Flash ...

The close up of the leather is with no flash.

Coming up next ... comparison shot with Bal Mandarin and my trinity of LM Midi's in my three favourite colours!



Jan 4, 2007
Alberta, Canada
Here is the comparison shot with the Bal Mandarin. This photo is blurry, but my camera was giving me such issues I was getting tired to trying to get a good shot.

And my trinity :love:

Photo with flash (this is the Mandarin Matte with the Apple Green Matte and Dark Purple Matte)




Satans Little Helper
Dec 16, 2006
Congrats! This leather is gorgeous in the LM.


Jul 15, 2007
Amazing bag Moonstarr!

I love the rich colour and the texture that I can see in some of your close-up pics.

Your trio of vibrant bags is divine :love:


Feb 13, 2007
It's gorgy moonstarr! I got my mandarin matte LM Mini too and I actually find it a "better" orange (if there is such a thing) than the Bal Mandarine. We have the exact same combination - purple lining and silver hardware, except that mine is the smaller sister to your bag.

I'm happy that the leather is nice and thick, and not dry like the tan (the only other matte BE I've purchased).

I love your photos - they really show off the beauty of this bag. And your collection is awesome!


Mar 29, 2007
Wow! I love your new matte mandarin. And I think you should send the photo of all three LMs to Jackie to use on her website. It's a great shot!


Sep 16, 2006
YAY! I was just saying I want to see more reveals. I love your orange LM Midi. Every time I see the two zips, I have to wonder why Jackie doesn't make it standard. That style rocks!

Also, your avatar is an amazing pic. Those colors look perfect together.


May 16, 2008
DAMN DAMN DAMN, woman!! You have outdone yourself!! :yes: :tup: :yes:

I love orange bags to death, and this one if one of the best I have EVER seen!! :drool: (x10)

What a true pleasure to see your pix -- I have been waiting for this bag, and it certainly didn't disappoint! My future mandarine bag will hopefully be half as gorgeous. And it looks fabulous with the silver HW. :tender: