Reveal: Marylebone GM from Paris + VAT refund tips!


May 14, 2008
Sunnyvale, CA
A couple of months ago I sought advice on tpf whether to get the Neverfull or the Marylebone...and after much deliberation I ended up buying the Marylebone GM at the Paris mothership!

photo (4).JPG

The purchase went smoothly, the SA was very friendly and polite, although she didn't know Marylebone off the top of her head. That rather surprised me and made me wonder if I had pronounced it wrong, but after checking the computer she got the bag, looking kinda sheepish. To be fair, though, I approached her at the clothing section since she seemed to be the only SA close by who wasn't already busy with a customer.

My last stop in the EU was Rome, so I applied for the VAT refund at the Rome airport (FCO). For reference, I first went to the Customs office (tiny little thing on the left if you're facing the security check), got the stamp, and then went to the Global Blue counter across from it. I chose to get my refund credited to my credit card so all I had to do was hand the form to the Global Blue lady. The refund will be credited in 2-4 weeks. You can choose to get cash (you'd get it immediately at the booth) but there's a small fee for that (~2%). PM me if you'd like more info on the whole process or the layout of the airport!

Thank you to everyone who had chimed in to help me with the whole Neverfull/Marylebone dilemma!
Jul 4, 2014
LOVE! Your Marylebone. And thanks for sharing your experience. I debated between that one and the Portebello GM and ended up with the Portebello. Now I want your bag too!