Reveal Marcie mini

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  1. When I saw this one on Net-a-Porter I knew I had to have it!

  2. I love it!! I was looking at a similar one but in tan; this color is gorgeous!!:smile:
  3. I believe I saw the tan one too (Net-A-Porter)! Not sure though...

    Thank you :smile:!
    this is such a nice bag , i want this bag , but i don't know what it will give on me do you mind make some modeling pictures ?

    i really want one but i'm also wondering what it can hold ?
  5. Lovely! Congrats :smile:

  6. Thank you! :smile:

    Sure, I'll try make them tomorrow!
    It's actualy pretty big for a mini. It could easily fit a mobile phone, wallet, camera and even a small bottle of water.
  7. Really, i can't wait to see the mod pic : ))
  8. Congratulations! I love love the plum color! :woohoo:
  9. That is gorgeous!! Congrats!! Love to see mod shots !
  10. Gorgeous color! Another vote for a mod pic!
  11. gorgeous!
  12. Gorgeous...Is the colour here quite true to the real colour? Is it red or plum
  13. Picture:


    Sorry for the bad quality!
  14. It's brick red according to Net-A-Porter.
  15. Many thanks Milou , you really rock ; ))

    Love this bag on you