Reveal:Making of a BIRKIN bag

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  1. always a pleasure to watch. :smile:
  2. thanks
  3. Haven't watched in a while. Thanks, always enjoy it.
  4. Mmm, lovely! Thanks :smile:
  5. Oh yes, it was already posted a while ago, a good introduction to Birkin newbie. I enjoyed it very much when I was on my search for my first birkin :smile:
  6. I think I've watched it about ten times and always go back to it when I need an "Hermes fix" but don't want to pay for one.:biggrin:
  7. Nyyparis, thank you so much for posting. I had never seen it and since I
    recently got my first Birkin, it makes me appreciate the craftsmanship and
    artistry so much. What a special bag! Thank you again for thinking of us.
  8. Nyparis - thank you for sharing...I also had not seen it before. It is enjoyable to watch.
  9. Dear NYParis

    I hadn't seen this either and really learn't a lot - thank you for sharing.
  10. hadn't seen this before. Really good.!
  11. Thanks for posting!
  12. I have watched this before but don't mind watching it again. Thanks for sharing with us.:smile:
  13. Fun to watch, thanks!
  14. Somehow I've always thought H craftsmen are old men, working in a cottage overlooking beautiful meadows (or high up on some mountain) guarding their craftsmen secrets. Was surprised to see a few young female craftswomen in the video.