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  1. Since I decided to slow down my bag purchase this year, I was taking time to choose which one to get for this spring. I was almost ready to buy Borough but then I found this bag! This bag was my least favorite when first spring bags came out last month. I thought it's a funny looking bag until ....... just 2 weeks ago when I tried it on at FP store.
    It is simply beautiful.I love Parchment color and gold hardware combination.
    White is one of the boldest color but also most versatile too. It goes well with any color of outfit!

    It is super light weight, same gorgeous thick leather as Phoebe.
    Perfect strap length for both as satchel or shoulder bag.

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  2. This is just stunning! I'm usually not a gold hardware fan but it is just gorgeous with this color. And the darker piping is just a beautiful accent. I haven't paid much attention to this one either. Isn't it funny how the right color just makes a bag pop. Enjoy her, she's really pretty! Got to look this one up now....:smile:
  3. Beautiful bag! It's looks gorgeous with the gold hardware. Enjoy her! :smile:
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    It reminded me of Phoebe first but I realized it's very different.
    I am not a Phoebe fan(no offence!) as I can not deal with two exact same size compartment.
    This one has one big zipper main compartment in the middle. The front compartment has pockets for phones and pen. And third compartment has zipper on top.

    I am so not good at using compartment so I use just main compartment and front pocket for phones. The third compartment with zipper is just a decoration for me.LOL
    I love this beautiful straight gold line of zipper on top!

    It has structure and it doesn't paddle at all even nothing inside. I like the soft leather bags but keeps its shape.

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  5. Lastly, a few mod shots. I am 5'2".
    I saw a few comments that it is a formal bag but I would totally wear with my casual clothes with it. :biggrin:

    Thank you for letting me share!

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  6. I never even gave this bag a second look... Until now! It is absolutely gorgeous in parchment!! With the gold hardware! Agh! Love! And it looks fantastic on you!! Do you find the straps stay on your shoulder relatively easy?? Or do they slip?
  7. Thank you! Totally agree! sometimes the style and color goes perfectly well and you fall in love with it.

    Thank you! I am a gold hardwear person and love it!:biggrin:

    Thank you! The straps stay on my shoulder very well and comfortable.
  8. The white/gold combination is so beautiful!
  9. Absolutely beautiful. I love it and it looks great on you!
  10. Beautiful bag! Congratulations!

  11. Thank you everyone!!
  12. ya know i already love this bag!! classy bag....yes BUT ya know this will look AWESOME with some jeans a cute top ;) you always look so amazing anyways!
  13. That is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on your new beauty. She looks great on you too. :smile:
  14. Very nice!
  15. She's beautiful. This is the one I will probably order later this week. Thanks so much for sharing.