Reveal: LVoe at first sight

  1. Im so hooked on LV, another item added today! Today I went to the store only to buy a present and I was just gonna have a quick look at the Speedy B 25 in monogram and empreinte (raisin) to see if it's a bag to consider as a "gift to myself" after finishing Weight loss boot camp in July.

    While sitting and inspecting the Speedys I spotted a bag I just had to look at. After trying it on I just knew it was LVoe and I had to take her home. I made up all these reasons in my head when I would use her and why she had to follow me home today.

    Are you ready?

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  2. Open!
  3. Please:biggrin:
  4. Here!
  5. Open! :biggrin:
  6. IMG_1492787436.965688.jpg

    Any guesses?
  7. Clery
  8. Congratulations on the Boot Camp! Good for you!
  9. I've vacuumed upstairs and downstairs, mowered the lawn. Still no reveal ? I go and do some ironing then. :-s
  10. Favourite ?
  11. Pallas clutch?
  12. IMG_1492794294.832953.jpg

    A tiny hint?
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  13. Felicie?
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  14. Correct! The Felicie in Epi Rose Ballerine:

  15. IMG_1492795037.853041.jpg IMG_1492795048.553601.jpg
    IMG_1492795069.985180.jpg IMG_1492795079.493691.jpg
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