Reveal: London Tote Midi in Whiskey Group Bespoke

  1. Well, Ladies....

    It's here!

    My London Tote Midi in Whiskey arrived and I immediately went outside to snap a few quick photos so you can see the final result.

    My Initial Thoughts:

    I love this leather! It's a lovely warm brown and I think the whiskey name is well-chosen. it's calf leather so it feels hardy and like it will be able to handle the many times I plan on loading it up and heading out for the day. This bag must not fear soccer fields, unpredictable weather and multiple kids cramming various items inside.

    I am completely convinced that the midi size is really perfect for me, although I would certainly consider a full size some day for travel. However, I feel as though this size travels well for me and carries multiple extras without looking like luggage. It's truly a generous everyday size that I can carry in most any situation.

    I love how the BE stamping looks on this leather--it's dark and rich and such a nice contrast to the rest of the bag. The leather has a bit of an equestrian feel to me.

    I wasn't sure about the light gold hardware only becasue I had not seen it n person but I really love it. It looks silver in some lights, light gold in is very hard to explain but it is a perfect complement to this leather and style.

    The fuchsia lining is a fantastic choice for this leather. I still think the purple and light blue would also be fantastic options as well as the caramel. This leather can carry a number of lining colors.

    The matching AP is going to be filled up and used just as soon as I can steal a moment. It's a beautiful accessory and one that I feel will age so well over time.

    If any of you are considering this leather, I can recommend it without reservation. It is truly what I had envisioned and I can tell that this bag is going to age well over the years and be a trusted companion on all my adventures big and small. I can tell that Marco took great care with this order and am so very pleased with the result.

    I would love to hear from other ladies on this bespoke just as soon as your bag arrives. Please chime in and let us know your thoughts.

    BTW, I still can't figure out why these pictures keep getting rotated! The first photo is the most accurate in terms of color. It's cloudy outside and the light keeps changing...
  2. Thanks so much for posting pics and thoughts! They look terrific!
  3. Lovely....I need to add Whiskey to my list!
  4. Thank you, ladies! I have to say that I'm very pleased with how this group bespoke turned out and I hope the other women who ordered are just as happy as I am with it. I think this is a perfect year round bag in both color and style.
  5. Oh, my gosh!!!! I am SO excited now. Mine is on the way and I will be stalking my mail carrier. Thank you so much for the teaser xo
  6. What a gorgeous bag love the leather. Enjoy your fabulous new bag.
  7. Stunning...just stunning Tejas!

    So glad you got this bespoke going and the result is a beautiful bag...enjoy!
  8. :doggie:

    I keep checking this...anyone else gotten theirs? Would love to see more pictures!!
  9. Mine's at the post office but won't be able to pick up til Monday
  10. Yes, I'd love to hear from other bespoke members to hear what you think!
  11. I received my Whiskey London Tote Midi the other day and I just love it. I agree that it is going to wear beautifully and the color will go with everything. It seems to be a very durable bag and it will be one of those bags you are not afraid to really "use" at work or play. I especially love that BE has made the handles a bit sturdier while keeping them the same size. Love it - its a keeper:biggrin:
    whiskey 003.jpg
  12. Shak--your photo is gorgeous! So glad that your bag arrived and that you love it. It really is going to be a workhorse bag.
  13. Very nice photo! Looks like it will be a super neutral. I am waiting anxiously for mine to arrive the US postal service mis-routed it so it ended up at the wrong location on Wednesday last week. They are supposed to be getting it to me soon!?
  14. Beautiful! I love your backyard TM even more! ;)

    Cannot wait to get mine. Hopefully it arrives in time for my Birthday!
  15. Shak your picture of your new bag is gorgeous. It is such a warm color looks as though it will go with everything.