Reveal Limited Edition Lady Dior!


Nov 23, 2012
Im back soo soon after my previous reveal of Samourai Japanese Knot....couldn't wait to buy my new bag.....i was soo curious when i saw this bag and the seller told me it is a limited edition although i have no idea how many is made by Dior in this version. However the fact that I have never seen this bag before made me think that it must be a super limited edition so i bought it, plus it is very beautiful. The price was ridiculously high for some reason compared to the other lady dior bags i have but its worth it.

so......its time for you to make sime guess works again.

clue.. lady dior limited edition
size medium
year made : i have no idea....i will let u tell me that.

now....let me go take some pics before the sun goes down.....will be back in some hours time.