Reveal late but I'm reveling!


Jun 20, 2008
Hi TPF'rs, here is a picture of my new Damier Collection. After joining the TPF a few months ago, I got the bug.......(hmmmmm:rolleyes:)
My Pochette and Cles arrived today via E-Luxury, and the Saleya PM last week. Dealing with E-Luxury is great, they are nice and I especially like the no tax, no shipping deal.
I took some time deciding because I want as much versatility as possible from the few pieces that I have. The Saleya PM is wearable on the shoulder and roomy, the Pochette doubles as a small purse/clutch, and the Cles is the little extra I thought I should add. All in all, a pretty set! I have some more pictures of a couple of other LV pieces, which I will add soon! Thanks for your patience, this is fun! :smile: