Reveal... Late bday present from Spring/Summer Act 2

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  1. It looks like it but it's not.
  2. Really cool handbag! I would love to see it IRL. I like the leather piece on the top of the strap. Looks really comfortable to carry.

    Big congrats on this beauty!

    Hope your Birthday was happy! :balloon:
  3. Happy birthday
    And nice bag️
  4. Very nice looking bag! Congrats and happy birthday!
  5. Happy Birthday! Classic but different :tup:

    is this goatskin leather? looks like it fits lots too. congrats!

  6. It's calfskin. It measures 12.6L x 6.7 H x 4.7 W
  7. Thank you Ladies!!!!
  8. Yes in dark silver

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  9. Love it!
    How does the strap work? It looks double from the photo, one chain & one with leather strap?
  10. The chains are on top of the leather.

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  11. looks great! CONGRATS

  12. Interesting! Thanks!
  13. Love this!
  14. Can I have the model number of this bag please? Love it in dark silver color!
  15. Style code is A94000