Reveal... Late bday present from Spring/Summer Act 2

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  1. Went To Chanel boutique lunch time. Went back to work and can't stop thinking about this😃😃😃
  2. Let's see
  3. Can't get enough of this beautifully wrapped box
  4. Yeah! A revel! 🌟
  5. Here! so exciting... :smile:
  6. Introducing the new Casual Rock!😍😍😍
  7. So edgy and different
  8. One more pic
  9. Such a great bag!
  10. What a beauty!!!
  11. Inside pic
  12. Omg! What a gorgeous bag! Can't wait to see some mod shots!!😍
  13. Trying it on at the store
  14. What a cool twist on a classic!! Love it!! Congratulations! :tup:Can it be worn crossbody?
  15. Nice!!
    What size did you get?
    The medium or large?