Reveal - large black croc sophia and thoughts on teal maggie

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  1. Okay - so I had some requests to do a reveal for her. I knew that I wouldn't have time the next few nights so I actually got up early this morning, took pics, uploaded them to PB so I could do a reveal once I got to work!! (Shhhh! Don't tell!)

    I really appreciate it when everyone takes pictures for us to see so I wanted to help everyone out too!

    I went in to the store last night hoping to see a large/small sophia so I would know which size I wanted. I was still debating b/t toffee & black.

    They had the large black and I absolutely fell in love. They're getting the small toffee in today, so I'm going to wait to cut tags until I can see that one IRL to make sure black is the color I want. But I'm pretty sure :biggrin:

    I also got to see the ocean teal mia maggie. I was debating b/t her and the cranberry, but I have a large berry zoe, and nothing in the blue/teal color anymore, so I was leaning towards teal since I have nothing near that color.

    It is seriously TDF. The only disappointment was the lining - BEIGE. Blah. I almost didn't try her on b/c of it, but I'm so glad I did. Have you ever tried on a bag, then looked at it in the mirror and then wanted to give it a hug?? It is SOOOOO gorgeous and the silver hardware absolutely pops. I loved it enough to get over the lining!! lolol

    I did a pre-sale on her, but was able to bring my croc sophia home with a 40% I got on the yellowing inlaid peyton tote (sniff, sniff)

    So - you guys ready?? No big reveal, just a bunch of pics...
  2. Lights Camera Action
  3. Let's see!!!!
  4. More often than not Coach's teal bags have kind of blah lining. beige, light blue, etc.
  5. Let's see the beauties...
  6. I don't think the pics do her justice, but here goes :smile:



    Will all my stuff in there - very roomy!! :smile:

  7. Is this the large ????
  8. Yes, it's the large, and the first pic is with my stuff in it... It's structured but has some slouch, if that makes sense???
  9. Wow, thats gorgeous, how much was she if you don't mind me asking..??
  10. oohhhh...she's so pretty! and I love how the top zipper lets you get into the whole bag and see!
  11. Um, I think she was 598??? Yeah, small is 498, large 598....
  12. Oh lord jesus. Seriously? Ridiculous. I just put the small on hold because I might need it.
  13. Oh I can't wait till you get your teal Maggie and post pics! I sooooo want this bag and I don't get PCE's but I'm willing to pay FP for it I think.
  14. And I have some modeling shots too. They made me realize how much a 2 and 5 yo can smudge/dirty up a mirror. I swear, I just cleaned it last wk and didn't even think about it until I was uploading pics and saw how bad it was!! I didn't have time to go back and take more - sorry!!

    Also - I'm NOT a good photographer, so please keep that in mind. I did figure out how to turn the flash off, though, and I will admit that even took awhile....:blush:
  15. Here's another one - I tried to get up close so you could see the hardware, but once again my lack of skills takes over and it turns out less than stellar...


    Okay here are some modeling shots. I think you'll get a better idea of her from these: