Reveal - Large Bar Striped Borough

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  1. Quick reveal to show this gorgeous lady off. She is beautiful! As much as I love the color combo, I'm not sure she's staying. She is BIG and HEAVY. I love large bags but she dwarfs my Carolines. And, she's heavy empty. Load her up and you know you're carrying some weight. Some have described the large Borough as a tote and I would have to agree. Here is Miss Large Borough Bag in Bar Stripe Leather. Please excuse the background. We had a break in the weather so I snapped the pics quickly...

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  3. Thanks for sharing, I'm sorry the bag is too big for you. It is a Gorgeous bag. Do you happen to know if the mediums are also heavy?
  4. Thanks SLB! I don't know how the mediums are since I haven't seen irl. Maybe someone that has one will answer that. I hope not because I'm planning to order one soon. LOL!
  5. Oh ok, for some reason I thought you had one. Thanks!
  6. Nope but hopefully soon :graucho:
  7. I always thought this bag was striking looking even more so in your pics.:loveeyes: Sorry she may not work out for you.
  8. Thanks! Yeah I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. So much prettier in person. I'm truly torn. If it was only a little smaller...
  9. Gorgeous!
  10. Love the striped boroughs. Nice bag!
  11. Lovely bag! I just took out my large patchwork borough; it is just a teeny bit heavy, but I love how all the pockets keep me organized! And I'm not usually a pocket person. Loved your bar stripes borough when I saw it in the boutique! Hope you can make your decision about her.
  12. Congrats lady. Pruddddddddy
  13. That's a stunning bag!
  14. Someone revealed a similar bag in medium. I think the pattern was reversed - red on the bottom, stripes on the top.

    I remember the large boroughs being heavy but the mediums not so heavy. I don't know how much weight the bar stripes add.

    It's a pretty bag!

    I agree that a size between medium and large could be perfect.
  15. Beautiful!