Reveal: Lady of 10,000 Lakes

  1. Love the color and it looks very soft and comfy. Congratulations, indiaink for such a find.
  2. Wow!
  3. Beautiful! Congrats!
  4. Gorgeous!
  5. of course you bought to go with your new job
  6. One of my all-time favorites! Congrats on your lovely find.
  7. Thanks, everybody!

    No, ss, it just turned out to be coincidental, seriously - but I could not have asked for a better gift to myself, I suppose.

    One thing I can say: I picked the most humid day of the year to go out with my new beauty - I was FREAKING OUT about sweat and sweat and OMG. I went through several tissues, using them between my hand and the handle. And NO WAY could I put this gorgeousness on my shoulder - SWEAT, I thought, OMG, sweat. Can't happen.


    Seriously, right now at 3:15 CST the humidity is at 41%. It's only 87 (feels like 93) but it's the HUMIDITY that's killing me...
  8. Congratulations on this beautiful bag!!! I'm happy it's been a good week for you!

    I saw this and was so tempted--I'm glad that you got it, and glad that because you got it I couldn't cave. :sweatdrop: This is one of my favorite BV leather styles; like Scoobiesmomma, I hope BV does something similar again in the future!
  9. Oh what a beauty she is!!! I've been carrying my large version of this bag for awhile this summer and get more compliments on it than any other single BV I've ever owned. It's a winner.

    Thanks for the gorgeous photos!
  10. It's a beauty! I love the multi-dimensional aspect to the weave. Enjoy!
  11. WOW. She is beautiful. Congratulations!
  12. She is beautiful, just lovely. And the DH that doesn't say 'how much' is even more beautiful, that guy is a keeper! Congrats on finding BOTH of them. :graucho:
  13. What a wonderful reveal! Great pictures. I am thrilled for you and just knew you would love your nuvolato veneta! I think the two of you will be having a wonderful summer together! It is such a special bag 😊.
  14. Thank you!!! :heart:

    You are welcome - you've probably figured out by now I LOVE photographing BV stuff - :biggrin: - and thanks to helping out LLA with her concerns about caring for this bag, I can now rest easy and not worry about sweat or rain and just ENJOY this beauty!

    Thank you - me, too - I must have looked at this bag 50 times before realizing I could actually HAVE IT and not dream that it was mine - :smile:

    Thank you!

    Thank you. And DH is used to my handbag aspirations and has given up, that's all. :roflmfao:

    Yeah, I saw that, and have it on my Watch list. I don't really NEED a wallet, though. I think I will let someone else have it - :cool:

    Thank you! So far, it's been an amazing summer! And in just the course of a few days! Amazing what a Bottega Veneta bag does for the soul! I'll have to add that to the thread about 'Things You Love About BV...."