Reveal - Kayapo has a new addition

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  1. So I've had a delivery to add to my collection :smile:
  2. Waiting!!
  3. Sorry I'm typing

    On my phone and for some reason it won't include All my text!!??

    Either way I'm here waiting for your reveal!!!
  4. This wouldn't be an al(tu)luring thigh-highed temptation, would it?
  5. :popcorn:
  6. Are these the altuzarras?
    Can't wait !!
  7. Sorry for delay my internet went down!
  8. I love how beautifully wrapped they come; the box they were packed in was so enormous I could barely carry it; had mountains of tissue paper all over the floor!
  9. Girl X and Amacasa - I think you were on to me, although probably didn't take much working out!
  10. Where are the shoes!? I live almost anything made by the Rossi family!
  11. They are OTK rather than thigh high. The leather is beautifully soft.

    Now I have them in my hands I know I was right not to resist the temptation, I am in heaven :cloud9::heart: :love:

    I just hope they fit now!
  12. Go Glam,

    There you go; have to say this is the first pair of Rossi shoes I have bought - but think I can now understand why you like them.

    I think I am really lucky to get them
  13. They look great, congrats!
  14. They're amazing!!! I would wear them with either shorts or a skirt of a soft or feminine fabric! Wear them in good health :smile:
  15. My new babies out of the box!