REVEAL! Just got back from fashion valley....

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  1. I was deliberating between Versace, Burberry, and Chloe when I strolled into LV....

  2. A Neverfull or Totally?
  3. Can't wait to see.........
  4. yay! open! and i used to live down in SD! so I totally know where you're talking about! i miss it there!
  5. oohh live one..I love reveals,yeey!

    is it Mono Wilshire?
  6. lets see ....lets see :happydance:
  7. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! i love fashion valley mall lets see lets see:nuts:
  8. Love your bag and LOVE fashion valley!!!!!!! :smile:
  9. Oh wow... that Alma is gorgeous! If they made it in a GM size, I would be all over it! Congratulations!!! :love:
  10. Congrats!
  11. Hahaha, I was thinking Alma but type something else...bummer!

    Congrats on your gorgeous Alma.
  12. Congrats!