Reveal + is it difficult to get?

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  1. I just received my friend's call and he got me a red (new 2012 Fw limited color) regular trio in Europe.

    I m used to be a birkin-sole user, until I met Celine. I just know that in Hong Kong( where I currently live), it has waiting list for some sharp and limited colors for trio. I m curious to know if trio is that rare over the world?

    I will upload the photos after I have received it. Thanks in advance:smile:
  2. Hello there Halothane!

    Congrats on your new bag!!! IMO, trio-colour combo is very much sought after! Looking forward to the photos!
  3. I tried on a GIANT oversize burgundy trio in Pacific Place the other day!! :lol: It was so cute. None of the three compartments are detachable though.

    Looking forward to your reveal :biggrin:
  4. The store in Sogo has almost every colour available in HK. It is probably because that store is small and the traffic is lighter than other stores. U don't hv to wait before u can get one.
  5. Reading this thread makes me so HK sick! I am more jealous of you all being in HK then the bag :roflmfao:
  6. The store in Paris also has trio in a few colours for sale. At least 3 different colours IIRC. I have a vermillion trio in large too and it looks exactly like red. Love the trio!!
  7. I also saw quite a few trio in Tst store.
  8. Yes, Trio is relatively easier to get in HK.
  9. Thanks for your information, I do know there are a few but I am only looking for royal blue and red.

    I just discovered it is 25% cheaper in Europe and hong kong. :P