REVEAL-ing my Light and Dark side! (-)

  1. Both pairs are TDF! Gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  2. Ohhhhh nani!! We'd soooo be shoe twins!!! I due for the turquise pigalle, and spikes are my UHHG ! Looking for gold spikes though :sad:
  3. very nice! congrats Nani! Love the turquoise color!
  4. Thanks so much! I am truly happy with the color of the Pigalles!
  5. You were right!
    Thanks so much!
    Yes they are, thanks!
    Thank you!
    Thanks, the clous make me swoon, I can't wait to wear them!
    Thanks beagley, the color is gorgeous, I'm so happy to have them.

  6. Hello love! :smooch: Thanks so much! One of these days we have to get together!
    Thanks, the turquoise is such a great color!
    Thanks so much Faraasha!
    Thanks fumi!
  7. Thanks, that's very nice of you!
    Thanks! Yes you need some studs, then again don't we all?!:p
    LOLZ! Dark and dirty, it's the only way!:roflmfao:
    Thanks you, I appreciate your audience participation. :p
    Thanks, the piggies are one of my fav styles!
  8. Thanks, You are so sweet!
    Hi girl! Yup I'll wear anything spiked lol.
    Thanks, I feel so lucky to finally have the Clou Noueds!
    Thanks, both are amazing, and I am happy to have them.
    Hi! Thanks so much. I'm still pinching myself over both pairs! And I am so surprised at how well the Cloud fit. Hope you find your VPs soon!
  9. Thank you!
    Thanks! I would love some gold spikes too. Hope you find a pair!
    Thanks! Yes beautiful color, shoe twin! ;)
  10. Love both pairs! Congrats!
  11. YES, Nani!!!! LOVE both pairs! Congrats on these beautiful finds!! Such a great deal on the Pigalle. You did good, kid! :yahoo::woohoo:

  12. Sexy spikes! :graucho:

    They look absolutely stunning on you!! :hbeat:
  13. Love them both! Especially the turquoise pigalles! WOW!!
  14. Congrats on both pairs! Even better that they're on sale!
  15. Congrats on both of your lovely new pairs Nani, they are both gorgy! I love the turquoise an those spikes are so fierce, they both look amazing on you!