REVEAL-ing my Light and Dark side! (-)

  1. As hinted in the title I have two pairs to reveal! Who's ready?!
    photo (22).JPG
  2. I am here!:popcorn:
  3. Here too!!:nuts:
  4. Hi fellow Floridian!

    Anyone else? I need some more lurkers. :p
  5. Let's start with the lighter side. I am really not into bright colors per say, but I love this color when it comes to jewelry, it has always been one of my favorite stones. Here's a hint!

  6. It seems like the purse is not that busy today! Where in Florida are you?
  7. Waiting!
  8. A classic Louboutin style. Shouldn't be too hard to guess from this photo.

  9. Very Prive Turquoise?
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    Turquoise Pigalle 100! I'm going to count these as my sale shoe since I got them on pre-sale from Matches.

    I had been stalking these and they sold out a few weeks ago and upon checking the site last week, my size popped up and I went to the D&S forum to ask if anyone had a code and a lovely Pfer Pmed me and gave me a pre-sale code for 30% off! I am thrilled that I was able to get these let alone on sale! Now I am going to "try" to be content through sale season and make this my only sale purchase.

  11. [​IMG]
  12. *Note to self* Don't do a reveal on a Tuesday morning! lol [​IMG]
  13. Tho I have 76 views, no one is posting! Oh well onward to the mod pics!

  14. LOl! 9distelle and i were here?? What are we??
  15. lol you posted so of course I know you are here! :smile: