Reveal in carob brown!

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  1. So I finally decided to buy a Hillier in carob brown and it arrived yesterday:biggrin:
    DSCN0782 (800x600).jpg
  2. It's quite difficult to capture the true colour of it but I'll do my best:smile:
    DSCN0783 (600x800).jpg
  3. The colour varies from brown to dark purple. I think it looks more brown than purple IRL
    DSCN0786 (600x800).jpg DSCN0789 (800x600).jpg DSCN0791 (800x600).jpg
  4. I love the carob. Great color!
  5. Compared to my black Hillier the leather is less pebbled and looks more shiny. Out in the sunshine it almost looks sparkly:smile: Unfortunatley it's raining here today so I can't show you:amuse:
    DSCN0793 (800x600).jpg DSCN0794 (800x600).jpg DSCN0795 (800x600).jpg
  6. Yes it's a great colour:biggrin: I really like the purple undertone
  7. lovely color!
  8. :d
  9. I love it , the purple undertones are really lovely, I saw it irl , reminds me a little bit of the hillier in port I bought in 2009! Congrats :smile:
  10. Thanks:smile: The port is lovely :love: I wish it would come out again
  11. it's very pretty. almost a wine?
  12. I would say more purple than wine but there's definitely some wine in there as well :smile:
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    Wow, it looks so different in different pictures! Which one is closer to the real color, with or without a flash? The first picture is my favorite, the color is just amazing! It doesn't look brown in any of the photos though, strange)
  14. OOOh, the color is great! Congrats!
  15. The first picture is most accurate:smile: and it does look more brown in reality but I would say that the first picture represents the colour rather well.