REVEAL. I’m sure you’re over it.

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  1. Finally got my unicorn bag. I’m sure some people are over this bag. I was lucky enough to snag one and ordered it on Thanksgiving day! PM reverse with her sister PM noir. I’ve had the noir since January. Now debating if I should complete the trio and get the monogram. D105A898-6AE4-4725-B7C7-D58377C96575.jpeg 1E24E40E-F526-4AF9-A653-B105962A6EA5.jpeg
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  2. As long as you love it. :heart:
  3. Monogram PM is available right now :smile:
  4. Thanks for the heads up. I think I should slow my roll. This will be my last LV purchase for awhile. After a 7 year dry spell from LV, I’ve bought 4 items from LV in less than a year!
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  5. It's a lovely bag. If I weren't over mono right now, I'd get another one. Mine is emp noir.
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  6. I have the same two. It is such a great bag- congrats!
  7. They're lovely. Never over seeing pics of LV:P
  8. Great purchase especially in reverse! Enjoy
  9. Enjoy your new bag! Happy you found your unicorn :smile:
  10. Such a beauty! Enjoy.
  11. So funny! I'm not over it!

    I also was just able to order the reverse. In a fluke it was available on line when I checked. I guess they are becoming more available overall.... hopefully won't see it coming and going.

    I also hope I get a good quality bag! Did you inspect yours? its up to snuff?
  12. Yes! I sure did! The alignment and glazing look great to me. The only thing that I noticed though is that the canvas looks/feels different to me. It’s matte, not “shiny” like all my other canvas bags. I remember someone mentioning that in another post. Other than that, it’s perfect to me!
  13. I’m not tired of seeing the Pochette Metis! :heart:
  14. I have the same combo!!! im obsessed. :heart: the mono is a classic. so why not!
  15. If you love it and can afford it, buy another! I don't carry them anymore but have all three canvas Neverfulls - I don't think it's uncommon to buy multiples of bags that work for us.

    I purchased the monogram PM twice and both arrived defective. I gave-up at that point and got the Marignan instead, which is somewhat similar in size and style (flap bag), but it's a bit more "polished". I'm glad things played-out as they did as I love the Marignan and especially like that it's not seen everywhere.