Reveal *im sorry present from DH lol

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  1. Just got this gorgeous today



    Didn't know mini could cost this much!
  2. Congrats on your gorgeous mini!
  3. Oh wow! Your DH is definitely making it up to you! It's worth it lol
    Congrats! It's gorgeous!
  4. Congrats!! Do you forgive your DH?? Lol looks very shiny and puffy!
  5. Gorgeous mini!!! Congrats on this lovely gift. What a great way to say, "I'm sorry" with Chanel!
  6. So lovely, Congrats on your mini! Great I'm sorry gift...hopefully he's forgiven. :smile:
  7. Wow great present. Congratulstions
  8. Stunning :smile:) congrats
  9. So cute!
  10. Hahaha he is apologising in a big way! That's lovely of him, congratulations on your new, cute mini :smile:
  11. OMG, I was just there today in the store. OMG… so lovely, gorgeous. Congrats. I have just done my reveal too 'come with me to Chanel Boutique'…
  12. Stunning mini! I love mini. I wish to add one to my tiny collection soon.
  13. So cute and beautiful! Congrats :smile:

  14. I was there with my 2 screaming bubbas around 12.30 lol
  15. Thanks ladies!
    Yes it was very nice of him. I already forgive him haha

    Was temping to get patent leather but when I saw one on display , fingers prints are everywhere so I got lamb skin instead :smile: love it!

    P.S If one day he walks in with Hermes he might do something really wrong and unforgivable though rofl