REVEAL--I'm officially BANNED!!!!

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  1. Well, after hearing about all of the new stuff that's showing up at the outlets and seeing some fantastic reveals, I decided to do a little bit of ebay shopping. Well, much to my surprise, I found one of the bags that I've wanted since it was at the boutique. So, I placed my bid and won it at a price that was actually below outlet prices! I usually don't do reveals and just go right to the pics, but I'm switching things up a bit tonight. Anybody want to play? Here's the first clue.......

  2. I'd say peyton... but unless it's python peyton.... dunno...
  3. hmmmmm.... does kind of look Peyton shaped.
  4. yay i made it!!!! :popcorn:
  5. Ooh, a live reveal! I always miss these.
  6. Sorry, I got distracted! Okay, it's not a Peyton. Here's the next pic.

  7. :popcorn:
  8. I have no idea!
  9. Hamptons Vintage Hobo? In mineral? the one I used to have that didn't work on my shoulders?
  10. that's a pretty big O ring. Maybe Zoe or carly?
  11. Hmmmm big circle hardware like my butterfly tote... but light for big strip. Zoe???
  12. XL Zoe in parchment? Grey? Light blue?
  13. Nope, nope and nope. Here's another clue.

  14. man im no good at these!!!!! cricket? bonnie? LOL seriously i have no clue
  15. Me neither, I rarely get one right!