[Reveal] I'm moving into BV World~

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  1. I think mine is a brick :smile: Thanks

    thank you lvdreamer :smile:
  2. Welcome to BV and to the BV subforum, fufu. You did well. Thank you for sharing your BV with us!
  3. jburgh: thank you for your kind words ^^
  4. Love your BV purchases. This is my first ever Purseforum post, and I am just learning and falling in love with BV. It all started last year when I went LV crazy and bought way too many bags (Sofia Coppola, Epi Alma, Mahina XL, etc), before discovering the Hermes. I bought the Hermes Massai and now I'm realizing that BV is gorgeous! I think I need a 12-step program!! :smile:
  5. Congrats:smile:)
  6. Can you post some more pics of your Shadow Brick? I am interested in getting one. 😍
  7. I love that shade of red! Congrats!
  8. That is the smaller brick bag right? How long ago did you get that bag? I would love to find the small brick bag in shadow. The larger one is on the website. Love both your bags.
  9. Gorgeous bag and bracelet! I just bought the same bracelet in electric blue.....so comfortable and cute looking. Love the color on yours!