Reveal: I'm happy to have the blues

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  1. Ladies, I have been given a choice between 2 Birkin bags, same size B30, in 2 colors: Black nilo PHW & blue du malte PHW. Both are lovely and I love both but I need to pick only 1. Which one would you pick?
  2. Both are matte

  3. Have you seen both in person? Which one do you like better? Do you have other b30s? If you do, do you already have a black one?

    If you already have a black B, I would pick the blue du malte. If you don't have a black or dark brown B, then I would pick the black croc.

    Congrats! Please do a reveal once you decide! Can't wait to see either one :smile:
  4. Yes, I've seen both. This is a rare occasion where I love both equally:huh:. I have other B30s but in normal leather & yes, I have a black one in Togo.
    Thanks, Fineprint. Appreciate your input:heart:
  5. I like black matte croc with PHW since it will be a long lasting piece.
  6. Tough and expensive decision
    Very close fight
    Can you briefly tell us a bit of your current collection
    So that we can advise better including hardware
  7. Since you already own a black bag I would go with Bleu de malt. It's a gorgeous color!
  8. Blue :heart:
  9. if it were shiny i would say blue but since its matte i would take black.........probably
  10. Thanks, ladies!

    bag idiotic: you are spot on, bagidiotic, that it is a close fight:smile:. haha whole collection. ok lets start with the Bs & Ks black & blues.
    Black: B30 Black Togo PHW, K28 Black Sellier Epsom GHW
    Blues (i love blues): B30 blue ostrich permabrass, K28 BS porosus shiny GHW

    Texasgirliegirl : yes i love blue & I'm told blue matte is not so easy to find:confused1:

    Honhon: blue shiny is in my collection as well. your pick is still black?:huh:
  11. Both are equally nice actually
    This decision is sooooooo tough to make
    Both30 both phw both matte arrrggghhh my favourite specs lol
    Looking at your blue and black collection
    I will go for bdm
    1 you love blue
    2 you should have a phw with blue
    3 i have bdm too its a fabulous easy color to go
  12. Thanks, bagidiotic! Yes you are right, I need a blue in PHW:heart:
    I'm leaning to BdM now as a versatile blue croc is not easy to find.
    I guess if I still want black in the future, I can still get it & black maybe easier to find relatively:huh:
    texasgirliegirl likes this.
  13. If you're gonna add more exotic B30s in the future then go with blue. But if this is your only one for a very long time then approach it this way, will you love the color you pick 1 yr, 5 yrs and 10 yrs from now? Good luck deciding. Nice dilemma to have.
  14. I would pick blue
    Please do post pic!
  15. I would pick black. It's gorgeous in matte and shiny. Shiny black croc was my first exotic b and I love her to pieces. You can never go wrong with black