REVEAL - I never do this but I will make an exception for these CL's...

  1. Hi Ladies!

    So I have never made an actual thread for a reveal before because I haven't yet got a CL special enough to warrant it's own reveal thread. I haven't had a story good enough either!

    However, this has now changed! I am pleased to present my newest purchase and special shoes!

    This is definitely a "Marmite" style of CL - people seem to either love it or not..

    Anyone around??

  2. here ! :nuts:
  3. :yes:
  4. Another little teaser...

  5. I'm here too! Can't wait to see!
  6. Ok I am too impatient to wait for more people to be here !!

    So, I have been banned from shoes because I am not working and ergo shouldn't be spending money on these things. I shut myself away from tPF and tried to not go near a Christian Louboutin Boutique.

    However, my favourite SA transferred to a new store and I decided to visit. When I went in I looked around the displays and the private room and saw THE shoe that basically made me fall in love with Louboutin. To me, nothing has come close to this shoe as a work of art and design. Classic shape yet totally impractical.

    Of course, this shoe is way out of my normal budget and longggggggg sold out. I've never even really seen them for sale - not even on evilbay. So, when I saw them I commented as said that I'd always wanted a pair yada yada yada. Imagine my surprise when my SA said he could get them for me. I was like "Sorry, what? How is that even possible? I don't have the money right now". He told me not to fret and confirmed my size with me. The next day I got a text... "Can you afford £200?"... Hmm, I guess.. "Oh wait, sorry wrong price".. Yeah didn't think I'd be so lucky! "It's £150"... !!!!!!!!!!!

    Fast forward to today..
  7. Proudly introducing ANEMONE PLUME in Nude/Red Satin




  8. Here! Yay!
  9. OMG~~ £150? WHAT?! NO!! HOW?

    This is a pair of shoes that took my breath away ever since I saw it the first time. How is it possible? You are one lucky girl. CONGRATS!!!!!!!
  10. Those are still so fun! Congrats :smile: How in the world did you get them so cheap? What an amazing deal!
  11. Exactly how I felt when I first saw the Anemone! I didn't even know the Plume version existed till much later!

    I prefer the other colorways - I'd say this was my least favourite but I'm not complaining!!!
  12. Omg. I LOVE these. And the price? Amazing!!! :woohoo:
  13. Thank you! They are totally fun! I love the fact I even have them in my collection now!

    Amazing since they are BRAND NEW. NEVER WORN. :biggrin:
  14. Thank you! I know, my heart sank when he said wrong price. Then the £150 and I was like... SHOOT ME NOW AND TAKE MY MONEY.
  15. You are so lucky! These shoes are showstoppers!!