Reveal & I need your help!

  1. I picked up this little beauty in Zurich yesterday


  2. I packed it in my suitcase with tissue inside and inside the dust bag and carried it on the plane, but when I opened it up, here were crinkles on the leather!!!! Help!

    It's a gorgeous dark blush lily and I love it!!


  3. Congratulations sffoodie, your blush lily is lovely and the colour looks so much nicer irl than on the website. Enjoy your lovely bag and hopefully someone will be able to help in regards to the creases.
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1369949229.913686.jpg

  5. Absolutely beautiful bag, Im afraid I ant help with the creases either :sad:
  6. Oh my god. So pretty. I love.
  7. So pretty :smile: was something pushed into the bag during the flight?
    Do you have any leather cream? I have some similar (but worse) marks on my laptop case, rubbing the leather cream in to it has really helped to lift the marks out :smile:
  8. ooh it is a little beauty.

    I would just overstuff it with extra tissue for a day with the flap closed tight, and I am sure the creases will not be noticeable :yes:
  9. I agree with Chloe Babe, stuff it well with tissue and leave it for a few days. If the marks don't come out then rub the leather between your fingers to see if that lifts them.

    Gorgeous bag
  10. I have both of the colonil products mulberry sells that I bought to treat my bayswater. I was too nervous to use them but I need to get over that fast and treat both of them!

    I think maybe the chain was resting on the bag in transit. The leather is really soft.
  11. In the past few hours since I first posted, the creases have diminished about 50%. I have the bag stuffed so I will wait and see tomorrow!
  12. That's a relief! Beautiful Lily! Love the colour! Any chance of a modelling shot at all? :smile:

    When I'm not using my Lilys, I tuck the chain into the bag so it doesn't get in the way.
  13. Stunning bag. Keep stuffing it when not in use. Because of the leather it is prone to these things.
  14. She's beautifuland I'm optimistic that the creases will 'spring' out. I had something in this leather with a 'dent' and she recovered fully xx.
    Fingers crossed:biggrin:
  15. Very pretty