REVEAL! - I made up my mind and a funny/embaressing story!

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  1. Hi Everyone! Happy Friday :smile:
    In light of Canada beating our neighbors down south in Hockey yet again...
    (it never gets old lol) I am here to share a recent purchase! Whos here!?
  2. I'm here... And go canada go!
  3. I'm here!:smile:
  4. Happy Friday!! I am here!!
  5. Lol! Here!!
  6. Here!
  7. Here! Here!
  8. show, show, show!!! :smile:
  9. Rub it
  10. Did this reveal fizzle out and stop?
  11. Here, show us :smile:
  12. here!
  13. Here.
  14. Sorry, Im back!!

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  15. Ahhh - Sorry please bare with me, technical difficulties!! :tdown: