Reveal!! I don't think I was supposed to see this!!

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  1. So the bell rang at 10:00 while my DH was not home, and when I saw where the box was from, I had to open it right??? I am pretty sure its my birthday present haha


    anyone up for it?!

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  2. OH NO!!!!!! You can't ruin the surprise! We men try very hard to find the perfect gifts for those we love... PUT IT BACK!!!!!
  3. toooo late haha... and it wasnt exactly a "surprise" i may or may not have asked for it every day for a week
  4. Whats in it? :smile:
  5. :couch:
  6. IMG_0073.jpg
  7. omggg reveal it please!!!!!!
  8. IMG_3658.jpg
  9. ohhhhhh la la a live one!I'm on!
  10. :couch:
  11. IMG_8930.jpg


    I am obsessed!
  12. congrats!!! so pretty
  13. Congrats!!!!
  14. Nice! Congratulations~
  15. OMG congrats!!! It's beautiful!!! I want an Eden so badly!