reveal! hitting e Big 3

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  1. hi ladies,

    its my first time doing a reveal here...
    had my 30th bday bash last weekend and i really wanted to share w u gals my bday cake that i designed myself! v impressed with my baker who turned my artwork into reality :love:

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  2. presents time :biggrin:

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  3. Wow! So impressive! Happy birthday :biggrin:
  4. thank u so much dear!
  5. opening my bday gift from DH

    chanel clutch with chain in blue lambskin and matt ghw!
    my v first lambskin, not sure if its easy to maintain since i have always chose caviar.

    was on e waiting list for caviar in ghw for almost 1.5yrs but no luck.
    still, am v happy to receive this!

    first lambskin, first blue and first matt gold!

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  6. - chanel cardholder in black lambskin with matt ghw, super :loveeyes:

    - chanel jewelry box that my aunt ordered from overseas.. this looks v cool. first time seeing this, can store my pretty chanel accessories :hbeat:

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  7. Wow! Awesome cake you designed and great baker who took that vision and made it edible! Congrats on your first lambskin bag! The blue is so pretty. Congrats on the card case and that great jewelry box! I've not seen those before! Happy birthday! :balloon::presents:partyhat:

    Finding my rainbow!
  8. Awesome!!! Happy birthday and congrats!
  9. So cool! Congrats! Happy Birthday!
  10. thank u!

    thank u!

    thanks tutushopper! yup i have not seen e jewelry box before too... but was told its from e makeup range. haven not seen e inside though was too bz taking pics :lol:
  11. Gorgeous cake!! Love the blue CWC!! Congrats on trying lambskin!! I love how lamb feels!!! Nice cardholder as well!!
  12. thank u dear!
  13. a clearer pic during day time

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  14. Happy birthday! Lovely gifts! Congrats!
  15. Happy birthday 🎂. And certainly lovely gifts you have.