REVEAL: Hermes from Europe! (Among other things)

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  1. Hi everyone! I just got back from a business trip from Munich and thought I would share with you what I acquired from the Hermes store in Munich city & Airport. On top of that, I thought it would also be interesting to tell you guys what happened when i tried to bring the bag back into the U.S.

    I have always wanted this bag ever since I discovered the brand. Prior to going on this business trip, I called the H store and tried to make sure they'd have that particular bag in the color I wanted. But sadly, they did not have that specific color and I was skeptical about what they offered instead. After all, if I'm going to spend thousands of dollars on a bag that I want, I would want it to be the color I'd love every day! However, upon seeing the bag in person once I arrived, I fell in love with it! And here is the reveal...slowly....
    IMG_2342.JPG IMG_2343.JPG IMG_2344.JPG

    It's the understated, yet bold and beautiful Steve Messenger bag in the color Kakao (cocoa??). Originally, I wanted the bag in the color "gold". I'm not sure if you guys know what I'm referring to, because they appear quite different depending on the type of bag. But for Steve, the color gold is sort of like a caramel glistening brown color. I've seen that color combination from a blog here ( The color Kako is actually very beautiful in person, it's very masculine and goes well with most of my work outfits (mostly on the lighter blue side). On top of that, I just love how soft the leather is! It's so supple yet sturdy at the same time. The only problem I can foresee with this bag in the long run is it might loose its shape since it doesn't really have a stiff integrity. Also, the SA had an etoupe color of the same bag and he'd owned it for 3 years and told me the color does rub off slightly overtime. Especially with a color this deep, it can be sort of more apparently when it does fade. But no matter, because I'm going to take very good care of this bag and treat it like it's my baby :smile:

    In terms of the price comparison to the USA, I got this bag for €4950 with a ~12% VAT refund, which makes the entire bag come out to be around €4356 (~$4900)! It's a great amount of saving consider the bag is priced at $7750 + 7% NJ Sales tax. So in total, I saved about $3400 buying it in Europe! (this was pre-Brexit Euro impact at ~€1=$1.13). So happy I could scream!

    Of course I couldn't walk out of the H store with just a bag since I'm also a huge fan of their scarves. I have acquired quite a few scarves from the H in states, but I thought I might as well get another one in Europe because of the VAT refund. I have always like H scarves for their artistic design and went after designs that are simple but captivating at the same time. This time however, I came across this BEAUTIFUL rare Jacquared print:
    Can you see the beautiful insect embroidery on the silk?? It's absolutely gorgeous and rare! Love every bit of it. What's more is that this scarf is priced at the same price point as every other 90cm scarf, which was about €345 euros if I remember correctly. But again, with the 12% VAT refund, I definitely made out!

    Now, you must be exhausted my long reveal! But don't stop here, because I picked up another cute little Hermes art at the Munich airport that I was unable to find @ the Hermes flagship store in Paris AND Munich city center, and it is....

    It's a cute little Rodeo! I think it will look nicely with the kakao bag!

    Now, let's talk about my experience with US customs @ Newark Airport. I was stressed prior to arriving at Newark because I couldn't stop thinking about how much duty they were going to collect on this bag knowing that the custom people are not very competent and uses very random % figures to calculate the duty based on how they're feeling that day. I did not want to to happen to me so I looked up the tarif schedule, and I found out that for the bag it should be around 3% after the first $800 exemption.

    I decided to declare the bag and other things and ended up not having to pay a single penny on any of the purchase. The custom agent asked me what the bag was for and how much it was, and just decided to waive me through.

    All in all, I think the trip was very fruitful and I picked up many things I adore for a much better price point. Anyway, leave a comment and let me know what your thoughts are! :smile:
  2. Everything is beautiful and the color Kokoa is perfect. Congrats !
  3. I want that bag so bad!! It's so gorgeous and I bet it looks so good on you. I love the Cacao!!
    And the scarf is so beautiful... Love the print, I have been looking at the tableware in the same print
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  4. Customs in the US is so relaxed! I would've been stressing too! I'm from Canada and they tax you up the wazoo if you spend more than $800. There is no way a Canadian would get waved through if they spent $7000 on a bag! That's why I could never buy an Hermes item if I shopped abroad. :annoyed:

    Congratulations on your beautiful purchases!!
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  5. Your purchases are OUTSTANDING! Congratulations on your goodies and the savings, too!
  6. Congrats
    Wonderful trip fabulous haul
  7. Everything is perfect!
    Huge congrats on your purchases!:smile::smile:
  8. Love love your story, great details codextooth . DH would just love your Steve and hugely impressed with your shopping skills.

    Wear him in good health
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  9. Time to go on more business trips it seems so I can have a haul like that afterward!!!!

    Love EVERYTHING you got!!!!

    And so great on the customs guy! Same happened to me after my first bigger purchase abroad. I had bought a BV bag and I think it was around $1,500. The customs agent actually laughed a bit and was like 'if you spent that much on a bag, I don't want to make you have to pay more!'. Huge sigh of relief!
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  10. Thank you everyone for the reply! I hope you had the pleasure reading just as much as I had the pleasure writing it :smile: I think I will need to cool down for a while before I make another big Hermes haul :smile: Damn these business trips, always make me spend money uncontrollably :P
  11. Haha, I know exactly what you're talking about. I've been through Canadian custom quite a few times myself, they ask lots of questions and seem very strict about imports.

    I can't imagine what the duty on import excess of 800 is in you know?
  12. Haha! My custom guy was kind of puzzled as well! I think he was dumbfounded when he heard I spent that much money on the bag and I don't look like the type of guy who cares too much about that sort of things!
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  13. Great purchases, many congratulations to you and enjoy!
  14. Exactly! I love that story though because you could have easily paid a large sum but didn't have to!
  15. Depends of the category. We paid 24% which was the duty and luxury tax combined. Can't remember the exact split. JPG was the Hermes designer so some awhile ago now.