Reveal - Help! Having 2nd thoughts!

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  1. Hi,

    I just bought this but am having 2nd thoughts. I tried it on and it looked fine in the store but now that I'm home in regular lighting I feel that it looks too big on me (I'm 5'0"). Please let me know what you think since you guys are the experts!!!


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  2. More reveal photos...

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  3. Bag twins! Do you have any pictures with it on? I'm 5'2" and I don't think it's too big.
  4. Modeling shots of the black jumbo caviar with silver hardware...

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  5. I actually love it on you. Nothing wrong with rocking a bigger bag! :tup:
  6. I think she's beautiful on you. If you need a bigger bag or will be using it, then yes, keep it! If not, then exchange for something you like better.
  7. You look great with the bag. Do you normally have larger bags or go for minis, you may want to think about your overall style, usage and current collection to see if this suits your needs. I hope you come to a resolution soon
  8. I'm sorry but I think it looks too big. I am 5'2". I like more petite bags, though.
  9. I'm 5' 0'' too and I rarely wear my caviar Jumbo because it overwhelms me, personally... to be 100% honest I think a smaller bag like a M/L size would look better proportioned for you too. But a lot of people find Jumbo more practical... and it still looks pretty good on you! I think you could def pull it off if you need to carry decent amount of stuff. If not, would you try/have you tried a M/L size?

    Btw the rare times when I wear the Jumbo I will wear high heels so it looks more balanced.
  10. Im 5'0" but im sure i weigh more than you, and i sometines feel overwhelmed with the size and weight. You are so petite, if weight concerns you and you dont carry that much bag items i think you go with medium. But if you love it, go for it!
  11. I think it looks amazing on you! I'm 5"1, probably weigh about the same as you and have the same bag with SHW. It is an awesome bag and always feel great when I wear this bag.
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  12. It looks great on you. If you really like or need it to carry more stuff then you should keep it.
  13. Sticking it out at the camera like that will of course make it look big. You look great with the bag. Go by what your needs are. This tiny everything trend needs to die. IMO.
  14. I am petite as well and like the m/l size better; I think it looks more proportionate